Naomi Vouillamoz

Founding partner, Board Member and Managing Director: Naomi holds a PhD in micro-seismology and micro-tectonics. Naomi’s original training is in structural geology, her post-doctoral research focused on environmental geophysics. Naomi has 12+ years of experience in managing applied and multi-disciplinary geo-environmental projects. She was awarded three academic prizes for her PhD thesis and two academic prizes for her diploma thesis.

Lucien Vouillamoz

Founding partner, board member and lead inventor: Lucien is a serial-entrepreneur and philanthropist. A nuclear scientist, specialized in heat-exchanger systems and serial inventor whose expertise is in identifying transformative technologies and making them a commercial success.

Patrick Scherrer

Founding partner and chairman of the board: M.Sc in economics, Patrick brings core competences in corporate and business development. Patrick is CEO at Swissinno+, a corporate advisory firm dedicated to the creation, development and expansion of innovative companies.