Harnessing Earth’s Energy at Scale

Simple – Sustainable – Safe

No fracturing

As opposed to current deep geothermal technologies such as enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), EAPOSYS involves no hydraulic fracturing.


EAPOSYS relies on closed loop coax circulation of a heat transfer fluid into grids of μ-tunnels deployed at heat depth. Flow rates of the heat transfer fluid can be monitored for optimized system capacity.

High potential

EAPOSYS deployment at heat depth can be extended incrementally with the aim to reach 10’s MW of electrical capacity.


Environmental and social sustainability indicators are comprehensively evaluated and incorporated at the very inception of EAPOSYS proposal.

To mitigate climate change, most developed countries have adopted a ‘much-commented’ energy transition, aiming at implementing the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement, electrifying the world but losing the battle of reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. In 2018, new renewable accounted for about 3% of the total share of global energy supply and worldwide, GHG emissions keep increasing each year.

EAPOSYS stands for Earth Power Systems and is a new, patent pending approach to deep geothermal heat mining for industrial power production. EAPOSYS is developed by Seismo Earth AG, an early stage innovation company based in the State of Bern, Switzerland.


µ-tunnel coax heat exchange technology

EAPOSYS is based on series of µ-tunnels pierced to a depth of about 5 km in the hot (>150° C) granitic basement. EAPOSYS coax heat exchange pipes are deployed in the µ-tunnel excavation. The internal structure of the heat exchange pipe element enables optimized heat extraction.
A 20 m EAPOSYS µ-tunnel segment has the potential to supply an average household (3500 kWh/yr) for about a century. Geothermal may represent the new gold frontier. All we need to do is to start digging.
Each deployment of an EAPOSYS system could substitute a conventional thermal or nuclear power plant, taking advantage of the existing grid connection, without soliciting new space and saving significant decommissioning costs.


Switzerland has no conventional geothermal resources (highly permeable aquifer at volcanic-like temperature). Hence the Swiss basement represents the highest potential for deep heat mining for industrial power production.

Current technologies for hot dry rock systems involve hydraulic fracturing to form and propagate fractures with the aim of creating an artificial reservoir to circulate hot fluids at depth.

Due to the extremely low permeability of artificial reservoirs, combined to uncontrolled flow paths, such enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) have not proven at date the capability of creating a 5 MW plant.

Geothermal is the greatest source of renewable energy; and yet, it is the least exploited. This is a huge opportunity for humanity.

99% of the Earth’s mass is hotter than 1000°C, only the three first kilometers are cooler than 100°C. EAPOSYS intends to find and provide the means to develop a deep geothermal system, capable of massive heat extraction for industrial electricity generation at large scale!